Pricing Overview

Although your final design will be priceless, we would like to share with you how we consider our pricing.

Costs at a glance.

Due to the nature of the jewelry making process, having a custom ring made can require an exceptional amount of care and precision. On average, the price for a custom piece can range anywhere been $1500 and $15,000, depending on the design, and amount of gemstones involved. Through our industry relationships and refined processes, we have been able to cut costs dramatically to pass these savings along to you. Pricing will be based on the unique specifications of the approved Computer Aided Drawing (CAD). We will always do our best to stay within your budget.

1. Design Fees

There is no charge for our initial design consultation. We only charge an average fee of $250 for our standard CAD. Each additional change after the initial CAD has been created will be charged at $50 for time and materials. Most of our CADs are approved after the second modification.

Rush CADS: We understand that some pieces may require an urgent turn-around time, and we will make every effort to accommodate this. Rush CAD service is $300.

2. Cost of Materials

Gemstones: The cost of gemstones will vary according to the style of your desired look.

Precious Metals: Within the global marketplace, the cost of precious metals is always in flux. The combination of this daily change, along with the amount and type of metal (Platinum, Gold or Palladium) you desire will determine the overall cost of the setting.

3. Labor Fees

Our talented team of world-class artisans will dedicate every effort and attention that your ring demands. The more complex the design, the more craftsmanship it will require. Therefore, our labor costs will be based on the level of intricacy your ring requires.

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